A full suite of services to deliver full-spectrum value.
Celebrating 60 Years of Sustainable Building
Pizzano relies on its experienced team of estimators and its stable of premium subcontractors to provide the best quality work at the best price.
Constructability Review
Pizzano conducts thorough site visits to review existing conditions and identify potential issues before they manifest and ensure that each client’s vision is achievable within the constraints of their space.
Scope Coordination
Pizzano coordinates with owner-contracted vendors to ensure that all budget items are accounted for within the scope.
Drawing on experience and select subcontractor input, Pizzano develops accurate conceptual budgets to aid in the client’s decision-making process.
Pizzano coordinates closely with clients to determine scheduling, pricing and constructability in order to give them the information they need to move forward with the project.
Value Engineering
Through decades of work with all kinds of materials, Pizzano has the familiarity needed to propose the highest quality value alternatives in order to maximize the client’s budget and design.
Pizzano coordinates closely with the client to determine its needs, adopting the client’s scheduling goal as its mandate. Pizzano proactively coordinates its subcontractors and material lead times to meet the established timeframe.
Project management
Pizzano selects the ideal team to oversee each project every step along the way. Streamlined communication between the construction team, subcontractors and client ensure all parties are aware of the latest developments.
Financial controls
Pizzano assigns a project accountant to each job and uses its cloud-based project management technology to communicate costs in real time.
Pizzano provides extensive safety training tailored to the employees and subcontractors working on each jobsite. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) – a number that insurance companies use to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk – is the lowest attainable, reflecting our commitment to employee safety.
Quality Control
Pizzano was built on a reputation of superior craftmanship and takes great pride in carrying on that legacy with outstanding quality of work.
Sustainable construction
Pizzano observes the industry’s best practices including but not limited to sustainable waste management, use of low VOC materials and development of indoor air quality management plans.
Project Closeout
Pizzano minimizes the punch list in advance via a well-maintained jobsite and weekly progress meetings between project managers, superintendents, owners and architects. Pizzano delivers close-out manuals in the client’s preferred format.
LEED Certification Documentation
Pizzano is committed to working with the client and its own subcontractors through every stage of the LEED certification process, including the submittal of the necessary documentation to the U.S. Green Building Council for final evaluation.
LEED Score Card Analysis
For clients pursuing LEED certification on their project, Pizzano develops strategies to maximize their LEED Scorecard in order to achieve the highest level of certification possible for the project.
Self Perform
Pizzano has in-house carpenters who are qualified to handle smaller jobs and service requests such as: Demolition, Carpentry, Doors / Frames / Hardware Installation, Drywall, Ceiling Grid and Tile, and Paint / Wallcovering.  
In the event of an emergency, Pizzano has employees on staff capable of reacting efficiently and effectively to address the problem.