Built around relationships and five key areas of focus.
Celebrating 60 Years of Sustainable Building
Our Difference is Our Promise
The Difference

Back in Italy, when you talked to someone you cared about from the same village, you called them “paisano” or “friend.” It meant connection. Someone you could count on. It meant, in a sense, family.

While over the generations “paisano” eventually became Pizzano for our family, what hasn’t changed is our belief in making sure our relationships mean something.

For 60 years, we’ve built our construction business on the belief that the journey towards building a better future begins with getting it right every single step along the way. And those steps are five beliefs that as a whole make up what we call the Pizzano Difference.


Pizzano knows the best in the business and only works with trusted subcontractors that believe in delivering the same quality work we strive for.


We’ve developed systems and processes that manage all levels of complexity and size. Our focus throughout the entire construction pathway is to reduce risk, maximize flexibility and drive efficiency.


Since the beginning we have promoted environmentally responsible building techniques. We worked on the first LEED building in DC and continue to be at the forefront of responsible construction practices.


As a family run and managed company, we are hands on. By involving the “name on the door” in every project, we ensure each one benefits from the same depth of knowledge and experience, setting the tone that to work on a Pizzano project as an employee or partner means bringing an owner’s mindset to every step along the way.


We are committed as a family, including our dedicated employees, to adapt to the unique needs of every client. How we make the entire experience easier and more satisfying for you is the central theme of our approach to every relationship.

We hope you will give us an opportunity to show how we can deliver the Pizzano Difference on your next project.

To your building journey,

Bob Pizzano, Jr.
President & Owner


Client Stories
“We had a final inspection issue with the client, so I put a phone call in to Bobby Pizzano. He was at a wedding in Florida, but jumped on a plane and was back in Washington at 10 a.m. the next day and the issue was resolved.”
- John Sadlik, Principal
J2H Partners
“You can trust them implicitly with what they tell you, and you can count on them to do the work. That is exactly the relationship that we have with Pizzano Contractors. It is an extension of the family.”
- Christopher Campagna, President & CEO
Braddock Commercial Real Estate Solutions